What we do

Human resources and team development

Together with our clients, we devise individual development paths for individual employees, teams or entire departments. We offer qualitative team workshops and trainings as well as individual coaching.

Ready for the world of Work 4.0

The changing world of work has an impact not only on organisations but also on the people who work for them. That is why we support our customers with specific human resources development to prepare their employees for the working world of the future.

Our focus: The individuality of every single person

We consider the individual development of each employee within the organisation. Therefore we see human resources and organisational development as a mutual process, which we develop together with our customers.

Actively shaping teamwork

In addition to the individual support and promotion of individuals, we systematically support teams to reinforce their collaboration. By empowering employees to optimally fulfil their respective roles and responsibilities, we strengthen the team as a whole and increase its performance.

We give you the strength to lead

Managers play a key role in the further development of the organisation and its employees. For this reason, together with our customers, we first develop a management model and impart both theoretical background knowledge and practical tools in management training courses so that they can meet their diverse requirements.

Why Syspons?


A specific example

We were commissioned by a foundation to design the further training of its managers and employees in the course of the organisation-wide qualification programme. For this purpose, we designed various human resources development measures in the areas of Leadership 4.0, health and family-conscious leadership, team development and change management for managers and employees. Additionally, we developed a management model in collaboration with the human resources department which served as the basis for the actions of the managers.