What we do

Evaluations and studies

We evaluate with theory-based approaches and always select the "most appropriate" evaluation design. We consider the characteristics and framework conditions of the programme to be evaluated as well as the resources available for the evaluation. In addition, we conduct various studies.

We support learning processes by making the results of our work transparent

There are many reasons to carry out an evaluation. As a rule, however, they all have one thing in common: the effectiveness of the work performed should be assessed.

We understand the process of evaluation as a participatory process in which learning and empowerment of the participants are paramount. Our evaluations create internal and external transparency and serve as a tool for accountability to external stakeholders. In addition, we help our clients to tap into new fields of action by providing relevant expert information in the form of studies.

Why Syspons?


A specific example

We were commissioned to evaluate civil society development cooperation within a European country. In more specific terms, we examined the effectiveness of university cooperation. To this end, we first analysed the theoretical and practical approaches to evaluating the impact of capacity development and higher education. Special attention was given to the possibility of applying rigorous methods including comparison groups. We then developed a quasi-experimental methodological design consisting of qualitative and quantitative methods. The interventions to be evaluated were selected by an evaluation analysis based on criteria. For these we then developed "Theories of Change" as a basis for theory-based intervention. As a result, our client received recommendations that provided a guideline for a promising future funding practice.