What we do

Training and qualification for more impact (orientation)

For our clients, we develop tailor-made qualification measures on the topic of impact. Our training courses are aimed at internal teams, entire departments or project partners. Using practical examples, we teach the basics of impact orientation, methods for goal- and impact-oriented work as well as for monitoring and evaluation. In this way, we enable participants to apply what they have learned in their own context and thus increase the effectiveness of their work.

Basic knowledge, methods and practical examples

Theory and practice tie in closely to ensure a high applicability of the training contents.

Customised qualification concepts

We always work in consultation with clients and on the basis of preliminary discussions with participants. 

Training series and support

We offer not only individual sessions but also longer series in which learnings can be applied and reflected upon in follow-up sessions. Close guidance and support are provided by a contact person from our side.

Why Syspons?

A concrete example

We were commissioned by a federal authority to design and conduct a series of training courses on goal and impact-oriented project planning for over 70 agencies in charge of carrying out integration projects. In a practical way, the participants learned to develop a "Theory of Change" (impact model) and planned the implementation of their projects on this basis. They then developed a process to continuously monitor the achievement of goals and to be able to change course if necessary. Following the training series, we set up advanced training courses on monitoring, controlling and evaluation for all project executing agencies.