What we do

Strategy consulting

Organisations must constantly question themselves, adapt and reorientate themselves. This requires attractive visions and clear objectives that can be understood by all. Together with our customers, we develop an image of the future.

A successful past is no guarantee for future success

Due to political, ecological and economic challenges, organisations must constantly question themselves anew. The previous work, the social role or the appearance may have to be adapted and/or realigned. This requires attractive visions and clear goals that are comprehensible to everyone. But this often sounds easier than it is in practical implementation.

Achieving more together

Regarding important decisions, different actors need to be involved specifically. Change processes must therefore be transparent and accepted by all. This requires a high level of sensitivity towards all participants. In a participatory and creative process, we develop an image of the future together with our clients. We build on the success stories of your organisation. With the participation of all parties concerned, we then develop new goals and define the path together.

Why Syspons?


A specific example

 "We need to adapt our strategic direction to the changes in the digital world!" The management of an organisation approached us with this concern. In particular, the lack of skilled personnel and the lack of digital innovation had lead to the fact that the organisation's current strategy could no longer provide orientation for future priorities. Demand for the service portfolio had already been declining and uncertainty about a future direction was spreading. As a first step, we therefore developed a joint mission statement and defined specific goals together with the management team. We converted this strategic direction into scenarios and options and accompanied the subsequent implementation. At major events with all employees, impulses were collected and goals and objectives critically discussed. As a result, a new strategy was adopted with which all parts of the organisation could identify to a large degree.