What we do

Quality Assurance and Assessment

We provide tried and tested quality assurance systems. We ensure that the results are valid, transparent, intersubjective and comprehensible in order to justify fact-based changes.

Assessing quality. Optimising processes.

Our clients want to support processes of social change, be it development strategies of partner countries of the German development cooperation, integration processes of migrants in Germany or international university cooperation. For this purpose, financial resources are often allocated to agencies that execute the projects or to implementing organisations. At the same time, responsibility for implementation is transferred. Certain specifications, rules and procedures ensure that the implementation takes place in accordance with our customers' expectations.

Knowing the rules

For each commission we develop new quality assurance and assessment systems. They require comprehensive knowledge of the relevant rules, procedures and processes. At the same time, there are often overriding requirements (guidelines, ordinances and laws) that must be systematically considered. Finally, our clients are usually also accountable to parliaments or the public for the use of the financial resources made available, e.g. within their organisations.


Why Syspons?


A specific example

We are currently examining a random sample of German international cooperation projects financed with federal funds. The assignment includes an examination of the project documents (file examination) as well as the implementation on site. For this purpose, a transparent auditing system was developed on the basis of existing procedures and specifications, which enables a uniform evaluation of the projects. The results are used directly in controlling the recipients of funds and also form the basis for the further development of the procedures and rules. Over several years an important component in the sense of a continuous system of common learning and further development has emerged.